About Us

Jeremy and Britney (owners)
Jeremy and Britney (owners)

Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Simmons. My wife, Britney and I have started up a ground pet transport company here in the Grovespring, MO area. Some of you may know me from my parents who owned Airbound Pets. Where I have learned a lot about transporting and proper care for pets. We have also raised dogs for the past 7 years, so we have our own experiences in the professionalism that comes with sending a pet to their new homes.

Our company will be a door drop off to your customer’s home. Our transport cargo van is equipped with a brand-new AC/Heater roof top unit just installed that will be powered by a generator. We will also carry a backup generator; in case one fails. This will ensure if ever there is a break down with the vehicle, your pets will always stay comfortable.

We will always run with a 2-person team. To ensure fastest delivery and proper care for your pets on their journey. We will not have a pet on transport any longer than 5 days counting the day of pickup.

Your pets will be checked on every 3-4 hours while on route. for food, water, wellbeing and to clean and replace shredded paper if they have an accident. If your pet has an accident before or after check is done a special cleaning will be done to ensure your pet arrives happy, healthy, clean, and smelling good!

Our company’s main priority is to your pet(s) safety and wellbeing. There is also NO Smoking in our vehicles at any time.

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